A company that thought it was time for products that were verifiably pure and simple.  A company built from the ground up that utilizes only the latest in “best of breed” technology and equipment.  A company striving to exceed the status quo.  Oscity is Alabama’s largest science and technology based bio pharmaceutical manufacturing company specializing in all aspects of industrial hemp.



Southern Star Farms was created and awarded licensure in Alabama in 2019.  After successfully growing and harvesting more than 50 acres of premium hemp that year, we recognized the vulnerability in the market if you were not a vertically integrated grower and processor.

We also realized that in order for us to create verifiably pure and simple products, the entire process needed to begin and end with us. So, from greenhouses to genetics and nutrients, we knew that everything either needed to be hand selected or grown by our select team of experts.
In 2020, we’ve founded the next evolution of Southern Star Farms. Oscity Bio Sciences, a young company founded by business and science professionals having diversified backgrounds in the areas of chemistry, extraction, and genetics. We also boast 60+ years of collective knowledge and expertise in the hemp industry, a 100,000 square foot processing facility, and now have 1,200 plus acres of company owned farmland; home to our genetics and seedling farm for the 2021 growing season.





Oscity Labs is the best choice for your brand. We are dedicated to assisting you in building your own hemp brand(s) while reducing your time in product development.
Our drop shipping services eliminate all your warehouse costs and make inventory management a breeze. With just an e-mail to our advanced fulfillment system, we will ship your products directly to your customers, tracking shipping costs and fulfilling their orders for you.



At Oscity, we exclusively breed USDA-compliant industrial hemp varieties that are stable and consistent. While currently evaluating over a dozen varieties in research and development, we only release new varieties that meet the extraordinary standards that the law and our customers demand.


Processing & Remediation

Utilizing the highest forms of technology currently available, we provide quality in-house cannabinoid extraction and distillation services in Foley, Alabama.
Our remediation uses the latest innovation in THC remediation. The technique relies on nanotechnology and is focused on CBD THC isolates and distillates hemp techniques.



We understand what challenges you face when growing a successful hemp crop.
  With over 25+ years of hemp and industrial hemp cultivation, we have seen it all. Let our experienced specialists help you grow, process, and distribute the best possible product.


Growing & Fertigation

We provide beginning-to-end farming operations required for raising a successful hemp crop. We specialize in transplanting, planting, cultivating, harvesting, ground tillage and center pivot irrigation operation.

biomass drying

BioMass Drying

Our Rapid Low Thermal Dehydration Drying solutions can continuously dry large quantities in a short amount of time. We provide custom solutions for farms of any size, and our 100,000 sq. ft climate-controlled facility is guaranteed to keep your hemp fresh.



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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were,  but without it we go nowhere.”


Welcome to Oscity

Welcome to Oscity

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CBD oil has made believers out of these Alabamians

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Large Scale CO2 Chromatography  & Remediation

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